Description:The EnMAP box is a freely available software to process and analyze remote sensing data. The main features include an easy-to-use GUI, visualization, Support Vector Machines and Random Forest based classification and regression, and vegetation indices calculation.
EnMAP is the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program, a German hyperspectral satellite mission in order to monitor and characterize the Earth's environment on a global scale. In this context, the EnMAP-Box was developed as a platform-independent software for processing hyperspectral remote sensing data and particularly to handle data from the EnMAP sensor.
Software type:Procesamiento de imágenes con computador de escritorio
Accessibility:Solo instalación
  • Free download of the EnMAP-Box.
  • IDL Virtual Machine is required. Download of ENVI or IDL possible after creating an account at http://www.exelisvis.com/.
Computer System:Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Scope:Procesamiento de imágenes, Modelización, Visualización
Optical data or radar data format:Óptico
Graphical user interface: