National Oceans and Coastal Information Management System (OCIMS) South Africa

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) have initiated the development of the National Oceans and Coastal Information Management System (OCIMS) for South Africa – referred to as the OCIMS project.

The OCIMS project forms part of the Operation Phakisa Marine Protection Services and Oceans Governance workstream Initiative 6: “National Ocean and Coastal Information System and Extending Earth Observation Capability” action plan that is endorsed by Cabinet. Operation Phakisa focuses on unlocking the economic potential of South Africa’s oceans.

OCIMS will support a variety of oceans and coastal initiatives by providing information and decision support to key stakeholders for the day-to-day management of South Africa’s oceans and coasts.

The OCIMS 2019/2020 project outcomes are:

  • Establish earth observation technology capacity for the South African Exclusive Economic Zone as well as the extended continental shelf;
  • Deliver an operational system;
  • Establish and implement the data and earth observation infrastructure.