NASA Launches New Disaster Response Coordination System

NASA has unveiled its Disaster Response Coordination System (DRCS), designed to support global disaster response efforts using NASA’s advanced science, technology, and data. Launched on 13 June 2024, this system is part of NASA’s Earth Science Division’s Disasters Program and aims to provide timely, actionable information to aid decision-makers during crises such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

The new system consolidates resources across NASA centers, offering data on various disasters. It builds on NASA’s longstanding support for disaster response, illustrated by its recent assistance in the wake of flooding and landslides in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul. NASA provided crucial maps and data to help responders understand the extent of the disaster and deploy aid efficiently.

Collaborating with agencies like FEMA, NOAA, and international organizations, NASA’s system enhances the capability to deliver critical Earth-observing data to front-line responders. The initiative exemplifies a "One-NASA" approach, uniting expertise across the agency to improve disaster response and save lives.