Guatemala: UN-SPIDER present in CONVERCIENCIA 2009

UN-SPIDER was invited by the Guatemalan Council of Science and Technology to participate in CONVERCIENCIA 2009, which forms part of a strategy to promote the development of science, technology and innovation within Guatemala. On an annual basis, Guatemalan scientists working abroad are invited to conduct outreach activities in the country, network with local scientists and practitioners, deliver presentation to the general public and provide advice to the National Secretariat for Science and Technology. As an outcome of this mission to Guatemala, a project was outlined to be conducted with the support of UN-SPIDER to investigate the dynamics of the problem of sedimentation which arises when torrential rainfall transports extreme amounts of sand from the foothills of active volcanoes to deltas and floodplains. The project will aim at providing municipal and regional governments with policy-relevant advice regarding how to cope with such sedimentation processes through land-use planning norms. UN-SPIDER’s role is foreseen in assisting Guatemalan scientists to access satellite imagery to assess the sedimentation process in recent decades.

For more information, contact Mr. Juan-Carlos Villagrán de Leon (juan-carlos.villagran[at]