Global Landslide Catalog (GLC - NASA)

Data provided by:National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Data accessibility:export data, export map, visualization of data (e.g. web GIS or real time monitoring)
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File type:csv, kml1, kml, kmz, shp, shp, shp
Data type:hazard specific data
Hazard:Mass Movement
Disaster cycle phase:Disaster Risk Management, Response, Recovery
Space-based Information:The Global Landslide Catalog (GLC) was developed with the goal of identifying rainfall-triggered landslide events around the world, regardless of size, impacts or location. The GLC considers all types of mass movements triggered by rainfall, which have been reported in the media, disaster databases, scientific reports, or other sources. The GLC has been compiled since 2007 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Spatial coverage:Global
Temporal coverage:Archive, Near-real time
Contact:Contact details of GLC