4th International Conference On Dynamics Of Disasters, DOD 2019

The International Hellenic University and the Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas of Thessaloniki, Greece

The DOD 2019 Conference is sponsored by the Municipality of Kalamata.

Mon, Jul 1 - Fri, Jul 5 2019

Humans experience a wide array of disasters that generally fall into two categories: natural disasterssuch as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., and unnatural, or man-made, disasters such as wars, explosions, wildfires, chemical spills, etc. Such disasters wreak havoc and provoke extensive and large-scale devastation, and carry extremely serious financial repercussions for nations, organizations, and individuals.

The study of dynamics of disasters is an important and worthwhile endeavour, with huge benefits for everyone. The DOD 2019 Conference aims to bring together experts in order to share the latest findings on natural and unnatural disasters. 

Machine Learning plays a pivotal role in the Dynamics of Disasters. Click here to view the Machine Learning tutorial for DOD 2019.

The invitation is extended for those studying topics related to disasters to submit an abstract and paper and everyone to register to attend.
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