Copernicus & Artificial Intelligence

European Commission

Tue, Jan 28 2020

Copernicus is one of the largest Earth observation data providers. Copernicus’ archives are growing data repositories containing a wealth of data and information that is of utmost importance for policy support and many economic and industrial domains.

AI needs vast amounts of data to be developed. AI works by identifying patterns in available data and then applying this knowledge to new data. The larger the data set is, the better AI can learn and discover. Bringing AI technologies that scale at the Petabyte level to Copernicus operations is an opportunity that Europe shall seize to maximise return on investment and to develop a new generation of products and services based on Copernicus data assets.

The European Commission’s Communication ‘Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence’ (COM(2018)795  of 07/12/2018) requires actions to be triggered in order to build the necessary bridges between Copernicus and AI stakeholders, both in the public and private sector.

This workshop will present EU programmes, challenges and opportunities to connect Copernicus, its data assets and stakeholders to the digital world.

Auditorium - Breydel Building 45 Avenue d'Auderghem