Pakistan and Kuwait to Collaborate in Disaster Mitigation and Utilizing Satellite Technology

The Ambassador of Kuwait to Pakistan recently met with the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to discuss potential strategies for participative investment in pre-disaster planning and management.

At the meeting, the Chairman of NDMA conveyed his appreciation to the Government of Kuwait and the Pakistani diplomatic team for their generous assistance during the floods in 2022. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of leveraging modern technology to establish a networked satellite intelligence system on climate-based interfaces. The Chairman also highlighted the NEOC as a model disaster mitigation and management hub for the region and expressed plans to replicate it on a provincial level.

The Ambassador of Kuwait appreciated the NEOC initiative and agreed to collaborate on pre-disaster planning and management. The importance of continued support for disaster mitigation, including sharing satellite feeds and software for pre-disaster predictions and exchanging academic experts through the National Institute of Disaster Mitigation (NIDM) platform, is discussed. The two sides agreed to expand Pakistan's national disaster response capacity-building efforts.

The collaboration between Kuwait and Pakistan in pre-disaster planning and management is expected to reduce the impact of disasters and ensure the safety of human lives and infrastructure in the region. The initiative also highlights the importance of international cooperation in managing natural disasters and emergencies.

Main article image: Kuwait's Ambassador to Pakistan visited the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) © NDMA