Quality of inland and coastal waters to be monitored using satellite data

Global coverage satellites to monitor the quality of inland and coastal waters through the new EOMAP service (Image: NASA)

The first harmonized and high-resolution monitoring service for inland and coastal waters has been launched providing water quality information directly accessible online through the eoApp web application.

This new service is offered by the provider of aquatic remote sensing solutions EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, which is easing, among others, the identification of long-term trends and the understanding of emerging problems in near real time over large areas containing numerous water bodies.

Turbidity, chlorophyll concentrations and organic/inorganic components are some of the water quality parameters that can be generated for any location worldwide and presented in digital map form. The satellites used are already operating with global coverage allowing the new EOMAP service to implement the inland water quality monitoring for the whole globe, covering from local to continental scales.  

"Our remote sensing-based service sets the new standard for monitoring inland water systems, of almost any size, in their entirety, regardless of geo-political boundaries  - at very competitive rates - with sampling frequencies of daily to weekly and at spatial resolutions of 2 m, 30 m and 500m", explained Karin Schenk, head of EOMAP Water Quality Services, who also recently spoke at the United Nations/Germany International Conference on Earth Observation, hosted by the UN-SPIDER Bonn office.

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