UNU-EHS workshop on Knowledge Management for Disaster Risk Reduction

Participants of the KNOW-4-DRR workshop

From the 10-11 of December 2014, the United Nations University's Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) held a workshop on decision making and knowledge management in disaster risk reduction (DRR). This workshop was conducted within the frame of the KNOW-4-DRR project (Enabling knowledge for DRR in integration to climate change adaptation), funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano.

The presentations held during the workshop are now available for download on the UNU-EHS website.

The 11 project partners of KNOW-4-DRR represent 7 countries with a European focus and deal with DRR from different perspectives, ranging from science to practitioners and professional communicators. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to an improved use of knowledge and co-operation among the different actors in the field of DRR and climate change adaptation.

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