Morfeo Project: C- and X-band SAR interferometric analysis over alpine regions (Italy)

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In the present work we present first results of ground deformation measurements inferred through repeat-pass Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry (In-SAR) in C- and X-band over an Italian Alpine area, in Lombardia region. The activity was carried out in the framework of the MORFEO (MOnitoraggio e Rischio da Frana mediante dati EO) project, founded by the Italian Spatial Agency (ASI) and dedicated to landslide risk assessment. A number of areas affected by hydrogeological instabilities have been selected and studied in detail by processing both C- and X-band SAR data through SPINUA, a Persistent Scatterer like algorithm. InSAR-derived displacements provided on areas of hydrogeological interest are going to be validated in the framework of MORFEO project by the geological partnership thanks to the availability of ground truths. In the present work, we present the results obtained for test sites around the towns of Garzeno and Bindo which are both affected by landslide phenomena. For the Garzeno case study we provide also a comparison between the deformation maps derived from ENVISAT and the preliminary results obtained with a limited number of COSMO-SkyMED images, as well as with ERS and RADARSAT PS maps freely available on the GeoIFFI web-catalogue.

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Nutricato, R., Rana, F., Nitti, D. O., D’Aprile, C., Bovenga, F., Frattini, P., ... & Candela, L. (2009). MORFEO PROJECT: C-AND X-BAND SAR INTERFEROMETRIC ANALYSIS OVER ALPINE REGIONS (ITALY). In Fringe 2009 Workshop.

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Raffaele Nutricato
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