World soils user consultation meeting

European Space Agency (ESA)

Tue, 2 Jul - Wed, 3 Jul 2019

A user consultation workshop on space-based EO tools for mapping and monitoring soils will take place from 02 to 03 July 2019 at ESA ESRIN, Frascati, Italy with the aim to bring together stakeholders from the policy and user domain with remote sensing experts to discuss the necessary steps to develop such a system.

The focus will be on the potential use of existing and future planned space-based EO systems including data gaps and research issues of priority. The outcome of the workshop will be used to develop a roadmap of relevant research and demonstration activities supporting the development and implementation of a space-based EO Soil Monitoring System.

The workshop will be organized in thematic sessions comprising solicited keynote presentations and oral/poster presentations selected from an open call. It will facilitate discussions to collect inputs and suggestions from the following communities:

  • Stakeholders from the policy and user domains

  • Representatives from national, European and international space agencies

  • Value adding industries and public sector entities

  • Soil and Geological surveys and research institutes/universities

Space-based EO systems provide a means to support the monitoring of some soil chemical and physical properties, directly or indirectly, through the interaction of radiance fields with the (mainly upper) soil layer as shown by many research projects. However, space-based EO data together with in-situ measurements and modeling are hardly been used today in an operational manner by national and international organizations with the mandate to map, monitor and report on soils. This may be related to the lack of adequate, available space-borne EO data (spectral and temporal coverage, restricted data access) as well as the lack of available processing capabilities. With the advent of operational EO systems such as the European Union Copernicus Program (including the high priority Copernicus expansion missions), the free and open EO data policies as well as cloud-based access and processing capabilities (e.g. DIAS) an EO based Soil Monitoring System appears feasible today.

Registration opens on 14 June 2019. No participation fees will be charged. Participants are expected to finance their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Stakeholders from different policy and user domains, remote sensing experts
Frascati (Rome)