Dubai Sat-2 is operational

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) of the United Arab Emirates announced that their DubaiSat-2 Earth Observation satellite is in orbit and fully operational.

The last phase of calibration started on 21 November of last year. The satellite verified and validated its electronic systems. The next phase included calibration of sensors and ensuring high quality of data seta.

“DubaiSat-2 now being fully operational signals the start of our mission to provide useful and timely data to our customers from the government and private sectors, domestically and internationally and to benefit the nation," concluded Salem Al Marri, Assistant Director General of Scientific and Technical Affairs, EIAST.

The satellite is able to take multiple high-resolution images of the same area. The images will be used for building up resilience, as well as for supporting urban planning and infrastructure processes.