Agrometeorological Data in SPIRITS format (JRC-IES)

Screenshot of Agrometeorological Data in SPIRITS format (JRC-IES)
Data provided by:Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Data accessibility:Exportar datos
Link to the data:
Requirements:Data are in SPIRITS format. For SPIRITS please visit
File type:hdr, hdr, hdr, img, img, img, img
Data type:Datos sobre amenazas específicas
Hazard:Drought, Flood, Extreme Temperature
Disaster cycle phase:Gestión des Riesgo por Desastres
Satellites and Sensors:Meteosat-8 (SEVIRI)
Spatial coverage:Global, Africa
Spatial resolution:4 km
Temporal coverage:Archivado
Content dates:1983 - present
Tutorials on the use of data:Manual and Tutorials, Batch Download
Restrictions/ Citation of the dataset:

ECMWF 10-daily data

Copyright notice (please use for acknowledgement): © European Union, 2011-2014. EC-JRC-MARS data created by MeteoConsult based on ECWMF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts) model outputs.