International Charter activated for floods in Argentina and Bolivia

The International Charter Space and Major Disasters has been activated for floods in Argentina and Bolivia.

River burst its banks in Salta Province

Heavy rains in the region caused the Pilcomayo river to overflow, leading to displacement of the local population and widespread damages. The river rises in the Andes in Bolivia and flows along the border between Argentina and Paraguay before joining the Paraguay river opposite Asunción.

The activation has been requested by the National Civil Protection Directorate of Argentina. The National Space Activities Commission (CONAE), a UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office, acts as the project manager for this activation.

Record rains cause flooding in several departments of Bolivia

Local authorities in Bolivia have declared a state of emergency for several departments affected by heavy rains. Disaster response teams indicated that around 50,000 citizens are being reallocated to shelters.

The overflow of the Tupiza river destroyed homes of 47 families and affecting other 1,000 people, according to estimates. Reports also said flood waters in some areas are seven meters high. Several departments of the country are in danger leading roads impassable for transit or relief efforts.

The activation has been requested by the Bolivian Operation Unit (UOB), the Integrated Information and Early Warning System for Disaster Risk Management (SINAGER) and the Deputy Minister of Civil Defence (VIDECI). The Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE) acts as project manager for this activation.