Training Activities

As part of the Advisory Support that UN-SPIDER provides to Member States, the Programme conducts training courses on both the regional and national level for selected representatives of relevant institutions. These training courses are usually follow-up activities of UN-SPIDER's Technical Advisory Missions. They convey technical expertise and know-how in processing, interpreting and the use of satellite-derived data.

Title Date
Myanmar - National Training Course 26/11/2012 to 30/11/2012
China - International Training Course 11/11/2012 to 16/11/2012
Sri Lanka - National Training Course 15/08/2012 to 18/08/2012
Cameroon - National Training course 07/05/2012 to 11/05/2012
India - Regional Training Course 09/04/2012 to 04/05/2012
India - National Training Course 02/04/2012 to 04/04/2012
Mexico - Regional Training course 24/10/2011 to 28/10/2011
Burkina Faso - Regional Training course 26/09/2011 to 30/09/2011
India - Regional Training Course 28/03/2011 to 30/03/2011


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