UN-SPIDER Updates February 2020

Dear readers,

We're glad to share with you the February 2020 UN-SPIDER Monthly Updates, and would like to make you aware of our latest Recommended Practice, which explains how to detect urban damage, for instance following an earthquake, using Sentinel-1 data, SNAP and QGIS. The step-by-step procedure identifies buildings based on their high backscatter from SAR sensors. This identification process is applied both before and after an earthquake to highlight areas of major building change (i.e. destruction). The information is then overlaid over relevant open-source information to produce useful maps for disaster stakeholders such as major street blockages and heavily hit neighborhoods.

The Recommended Practice can be accessed on the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal: www.un-spider.org/advisory-support/recommended-practices/building-classification-and-change-detection-using-sentinel-1

Below the updates, you'll also find an events calendar with upcoming conferences, workshops and seminars organized by the community.

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